Early access will only be accepted and approved by your event coordinator close to the event date and will be subject to availability.

Within the secret garden we can hold a max of 110 guests, however we typically recommend 100 guests or less for comfort.

No, Merribee only accepts one wedding on a wedding day. Of which, you will be given private access to the property (excluding the main house), from 1:30pm – 11:30pm

Unfortunately, we don’t offer elopement packages. If you are still interested in marrying at Merribee, then you would be required to pay the minim spend for a day style wedding.

For beverages, you will be required to use the Merrribee supplier (Your P.S.). We also request where possible that you select one of the caterers from the brochure. All other vendors can be selected and sourced by you.

Couples are required to select one of the Your P.S. packages, however, these can be adjusted and tailored to suit your needs after booking.

Yes. Due to council restriction, we require all music to be turned down at 11pm and to have completely stopped by 11:15pm. 

Overall – 144

Ceremony spaces
Secret garden – 110
Rose Garden – 144
Mayfield – 140

Reception Spaces
Barn – 144
Crepe Myrtle Trees – 115
George Street – 144

No. Viewing must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. Please be aware in peak wedding season, weekend viewings are very limited, so we recommend reaching out to the team to secure a time ASAP.

Regarding the weather, it is very unpredictable on the South Coast, as we often see rainy days in summer, as well as beautiful days in winter. As such we would suggest selecting your date based on your interest in the gardens.

All year: Buxus and lush green colouring
Mid January – March: Crepe Myrtles
May – late June: Autumn colours 
Mid August – Mid September: Blossom
Late September – Mid October: Wisteria
October – Late June: Roses
Late November – December: Lavender
December – Late Feb: Hydrangeas

Yes, however, we charge a reduced rate depending on their age.

0 to 4: Free
5 to 11: 50% of adult price
12+: full adult rate

Yes, the overall ground is very flat and gravel-based, making it easy to move around. In addition, we also have ramps into every building and the main toilet block for easy access.


On the night of the wedding, the couple will have access to stay in the silo (sleeps 2). Merribee also had the “garden Villa” onsite, which has the potential of sleeping up to 4 guests. Bookings for the villa will not be accepted or considered until about 2-3 months prior to the wedding, due to also doubling up as the bridal prep area and may be needed the day prior or thereafter if other events are taking place.

Yes, there are a number of large hotels/ motels within 10 minutes of driving. Additionally, there are plenty of Airbnb within the Numbaa, Culbura, Greenwell point and Cullala bay areas.

Yes. We highly recommend a bus to ferry your guests to and from the wedding, as taxi are very limited within the area and Ubers are not yet available.

On the Day

The bridal party will have access to the bridal prep suite from 8am. All other vendors or access to start setting up can begin from 10am onwards.

Yes. We have one bridal prep area on the property. Typically one party will get ready onsite and the other off site.

Non-daylight saving time - 2pm onwards

During daylight saving times - 3pm onwards

All weddings must conclude at 11pm, with all guests off the property no later than 11:30pm

Unfortunately due to council restrictions we will not allow any weddings to finish later than 11pm, with guests leaving the property by 11:30pm. 

Check out on the bridal prep suite is from 4pm on the day of the wedding, with the silo check out being 10am the following morning. Bump out will need to take place the night of the wedding, between 11pm – 12am, or the following morning between 8am – 9am.

Yes, we have a beautiful indoor space overlooking the gardens that can be used for the ceremony and a large barn available for the reception.

Yes, we are a pet-friendly venue and welcome your furry friends. We do however ask that they do not enter either the Silo or villa and that they are kept on a lead and clean up after accordingly.