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December - January - February

Merribee will be open to the public on various days for its famous LAVENDER FESTIVAL (see below) in December and January.

During the Summer Season, Merribee is filled with many different hydrangeas including unusual paniculatas and old-style Oakleaf Hydangeas, in addition to a fabulous display of white Annabelle Hydrangeas is currently in bloom. These are native to the Eastern sea coast of North America.

Merribee is always known for its fragrant roses and its thousands of buxus and topiary bushes. Seasonal flowers are available for purchase on Open Days.

We look forward to welcoming you to Merribee soon!

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Sunday 3 December, 2023 - and continuing through January, 2024.

Our paddock of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia x intermedia “Grosso”) is in the early stages of being harvested.

Come and wander through the Lavender Paddock during the day, take in a barista-made coffee, eat pastries, a toastie, the famous Merribee Marmalade Cake (along with a new offering: The Lemon Lavender Cake!) bring your picnic, eat Honeycomb and Lavender Gelati, buy some Honey from our busy bees’ Spring activity, attend a harvest in late December or January, purchase lavender-based products or just wander the paddock and gardens during the day.

As we are slowly harvesting, you can also watch the distillation process of the lavender as it continues throughout the day.

Book your tickets early so you don’t miss out as it is always very popular.

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