Learn to distil lavender during a Sunset Harvest in the Lavender Paddock: (Including picnic, wine and Gelati).

About this experience

As it reaches the end of Lavender season, enjoy participating in the Lavender Harvest at sunset.   Help to cut from the bushes, and see how some of the lavender is dried ready for many different purposes. Enjoy learning and participating in the process of distilling the lavender into oil as it is immediately placed into the still after being harvested, and distilled into pure lavender oil. 

The night will be complemented with a glass of bubbles/wine/beer and a gourmet picnic, and Honeycomb and Lavender Gelati!  

Come along and enjoy this centuries-old traditional method of hand-harvesting such a beautiful crop. Perfect to continue your celebrations after the Christmas Holiday!

What it includes

  • Learning and participating in harvesting the lavender in the paddock
  • understanding the process of distillation and turning the lavender into oil, how to correctly tie up the lavender in order to dry it for use in different products.  
  • You will also learn a little more about the complex differences between English and French (and Italian and Spanish) lavenders along with the fascinating thousands of years old history of this remarkable plant.
  • Learn how to use every single part of the lavender in its entirety.

Also includes the picnic details as above, along with the entrance fee to the entire garden (which you are most welcome to wander around also.)

Extra glasses of wine available at $10/each. 

You will leave Merribee intoxicated by the scent and touch of lavender, having learned so much.  To keep you company on the way home, you’ll take with you a bunch of lavender you’ve cut!