MASTERCLASS: Rose Pruning and Rose Health

MASTERCLASS: Rose Pruning and Rose Health
(includes Devonshire Tea with Merribee’s Rose Petal Jam)

Saturday 16 July, 2022 - 1.30-4.30pm
3 hours - $195
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It’s coming into July and this is prime time to prune your roses. Come and learn the tricks to make this a far easier task than you think it is! Learn what to keep, what to cut and how much to cut. Also covering Rose Health and everything you need to know from making the best soil in which to grow roses, learn about pest diseases and what to do about them. You will go home with the confidence to attack your own bushes, and to make your roses the healthiest they can be for the new Spring growth, through Summer and then beyond.

You'll learn through observation and discussion in Merribee’s rose gardens and then get to practice with support and guidance. Taught by Bethany Ford from Salty Sprout Horticulture who works at Merribee weekly, and facilitated by Lucy Marshall, owner of Merribee. The class will be followed by Devonshire Tea, including Old Fashioned Scones, served with Merribee Rose Petal Jam and double cream in front of the fire in Mayfield Cottage. You will have the opportunity to keep asking questions!

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Merribee has 1400 rose bushes in total, including a formal rose garden, cutting gardens and a Heritage Rose Garden with 100 bushes in it, including ancient Damasks, Gallicas, Albas, Centifolias and the 4 “stud” Chinensis roses.