Come and sit on the generous verandahs of Mayfield Cottage next to the Lavender Paddock and learn this ancient skill, surrounded by the intoxicating scent of the freshy cut lavender we are using.

About this experience

Come and learn how to weave a lavender Wand (or "Bottle"). It is an ancient Elizabethan skill that uses ribbons woven around freshly picked lavender.

Lucy Marshall (owner of Merribee) will start the class by demonstrating the technique for how to make a simple wand. You'll then venture into the Lavender Paddock to pick the stems needed for you to start on your own. Lucy will help guide you along the way.

Once you've completed the simple technique, you will feel more confident to progress to a slightly more advance one - with thinner ribbon and more weaving.

You will return home with two gorgeous heirlooms that will live in the closet keeping the moths away for years!

The cost of the class includes the tuition, the lavender, ribbons, tea/coffee and a choice of Cakes or Gelati !